West Meade Conservancy Meeting
The News
February 3, 2011

A committee of The West Meade Conservancy (WMC) met at the home of Ellen Hansen to view the gallery of Noah and the Arc, a hard-backed, full-color book written by WMC members.

Members also contributed the many photographs that cover the book's64 pages.

There was great delight over the box turtle pages, for which designer Chris Armour provided a turtle-shell pattern background, and also for Dan Lindstrom's full-page photo of a pair of furry fox kits.

Designed as both an educational tool to teach about plants and animals of West Meade's (and Middle Tennessee's) wooded hillsides, the book is also a fundraising project to support the WMC's mission of preserving the woods for future generations.

"Noah" is Noah Charney, the WMC's founder, and "The Arc" is Nashville's singular ecological corridor that curves from Beaman Park through Bell's Bend, West Meade, The Hill Tract, and Warner Parks to reach Radnor Lake.

For information about the book, visit the WMC's web site, www.westmeadeconservancy.org, or call Jane Bibring at 356-0997 or Alys Venable at 356-2423.