The News
May 1, 2008

More than 60 supporters attended the West Meade Conservancy's 2nd anniversary celebration April 20 at the circle on Jocelyn Hollow Rd.

Alys Venable welcomed the group and introduced the Conservancy's founder, Noah Charney who talked about the power of a community's getting together in appreciation of nature.

Members described the help being given the Conservancy by Metro Greenways and The Land Trust for Tennessee in the task of creating a collection of mini-conservation easements.

photos by Brenda Batey

Other members discussed the Conservancy's role as a rare model of homeowners preserving old-growth forest in an urban setting as part of a "Conservation Arc," a group of areas committed to conservation. Student researcher Aaron Novick explained the results of his work on a local Box turtle project.

Council member Emily Evans wished the Conservancy "Happy Birthday" and announced that she will give a lecture on stormwater, the leading cause of water pollution. The talk, hosted by the Conservancy, will take place on Tuesday, May 20, at 6:30 p.m. at the Gordon Jewish Community Center, 801 Percy Warner Blvd.

For more information about the West Meade Conservancy, visit westmeadeconservancy.org, or contact Alys Venable at 356-2423, alys_venable@comcast.net; Anne Williams at 352-0412, lightweightart@gmail.com; or Jane Bibring 356-0977, jane@